Snow patch hopping & hot springs.

The expedition is underway, and Rebecca, Kate and Ali have already experienced a myriad of snow and weather conditions. Initially, sparse skiable snow and lots of rocks had the team set out on foot, carrying their sleds and gear. Within a couple days, making slow but steady progress in cold temperatures, the team crossed over a few high passes into the Zorkul valley near the Afghan border. Once in the valley, they relayed that the skiing was sweet, and the border stunning. Most recently, they’ve described favorable skiing conditions, cruising on turquoise ice, and even ice sailing on frozen rivers. Up next, skiing to some remote hot springs - which has the team clearly in very high spirits.  

The two other members of Borderski in Tajikistan, Lindsay Marie Stewart and Tanya Rosen Michel, have been busy traveling and interviewing local officials and conservation leaders. The whole team was set to rendezvous recently in Jarty Gumbez, however avalanches and hazardous road conditions prevented Lindsay and Tanya from making the trip. They will try to meet up again in the days ahead.